171 Palmerston Street, Westport 7825

PO Box 249, Westport 7866 - Ph: 03 789 7319 - Fax 03 789 7203


Owner Colin Warren at a lunch meeting.

General Manager

Vanessa Neighbours tries a selfie!

Advertising Sales Nicky Meadowcroft.


Our small team of reporters churn out the days work.  Chief Reporter Lee Scanlon (left) soaks up the famous Westport sun that always shines.  Aimee van der Weyden keeps the busy newsroom ticking over covering everything from council meetings, court stories, human interest, acts of nature and other local stories.


The News has a small but highly motivated team who crank out the daily work.  Every member of staff is trained in most aspects of the daily running of the newspaper and cover for each other when someone is away for any reason.


Ellen (left, obscured) concentrates on features, display advertising and some page layout.


Robyn (right) proof reads all the work from the reporters and typesetters, sends out the monthly accounts and also does some page layout.


Holly (far right) does the majority of the page layout, display advertising, charges all the adverts that appear in the daily paper and also covers duties on reception.


Emma (left) is in charge of the front counter and covers wages, accounts receivable, subscriptions, our paper runners and is the first point of contact when a customer comes into our busy office.


Our hard working despatch crew who insert the pages and also deliver the daily rag around the wider Westport area.

Some of our dedicated runners who deliver around the Westport township in rain, hail or snow.

The News printing press which prints our daily paper.