Contract Advertising & Display Advertising

Rates are heavily reduced depending on frequency and size of advert. Contact us to enquire

Advertising Rates

All rates exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.


(single column, double column etc)
Mono: $7.71
Colour: $10.02
Commission bearing mono: $9.64
Commission bearing colour: $12.53

Public notices, for sale, situations vacant, tenders, auctions, entertainment, family notices, greetings, trade services, real estate etc.

Run-on advertising

(no border, single column width, 20 words max)

$11.50 first insertion (including GST)
$5.75 each repeat within that week (including GST)
$14.38 commission bearing (including GST)

Guaranteed Positions

(at casual rates)
By arrangement – 20% extra
Late fees – 25% extra

Government rate

Commission bearing mono: $8.19

Column width guide

Page Depth 53.8cm

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
33 72 110 148 187 225 264 302 340 379


Bookings required 9am two days prior to printing. Adverts to be typeset by The News, material is required 9am two days prior to printing. Camera-ready material required 12 noon the day prior to printing.


PDF is prefered.
Final ad must be of high resolution, no less than 200dpi.
Dimensions of ad should be the same size as column width.
Fonts must be embedded in the file.
Electronic photos or scanned images should be saved as TIFF or JPEG at a resolution of 300dpi.
Colour ads must be saves as CMYK colour types.
Black and white ads must be saves as greyscale, not RGB.


Supplied files must be ready to go straight to the press. The supplied file will be checked against the press ready file specifications below. If the supplied file does not conform to the specifications, it will not be accepted.

File Specifications:
All black text must be 100% black (not CMYK black) Colour or reversed text on colour should be avoided when text is smaller than 8pt.
Press ready files should be supplied as PDF or EPS. We can accept JPEG or TIFF files but these may result in reduced quality when printed.
PDF: Export to PDF using press settings. All fonts must be embedded. If printing to Adobe PDF then use press quality settings.
Colour must be CMYK and must not include spot colours.
EPS: Ensure all fonts are embedded. If fonts can not be embedded, then convert all text to outlines (paths).

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